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Elementary School Activities

Extra activities are available for our Grade School students such as Math Olympiad, Power of the Pen, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, History Fair, Mileage Club, LEGO Robotics Club, and Teens Against Substance Abuse. Catholic Girls Club & Junior Catholic Sons of America (JCSA) are available to our students in grades 2-6.  In addition, our sixth-graders participate in the DARE program and attend a 3-day camp.

High School Activities

Choir – St. John’s Choir is made up of a group of young, talented singers who perform a Christmas and Spring concert. St. Johns also has a show choir. Show choir sings and dances at the Spring and Christmas concerts. The choir is under the direction of Mrs. Slawinski.

F.T.A. – Short for Future Teachers of America, is a school organization made up of students who are interested in majoring in education. These students get together once a month to discuss their future projects. They help out the teachers by baking them cookies and helping them grade papers. The F.T.A. provides a perfect learning experience for our “future teachers”.

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of American is an organization for students to gain a competitive edge for college and future career success. By participating in the FBLA, students will inherit the knowledge and skills they need to set them apart, while contributing to the improvements of our community and school.

Gatekeepers - Gatekeeper is a student-led initiative that focuses on suicide prevention. For meetings before the end of the year, students will receive enhanced education on suicide prevention strategies that are proven effective. They will then select activities they choose to implement within the school. 

Junior Optimist – Junior Optimist is a student organization made up of students in grades 9 – 12.  Members participate in various projects with the Delphos Optimist.  Projects include, 4th of July fishing derby, Santa Visitation, Easter Egg Hunt and many more.  Being a member of Junior Optimist, their goal is to help to bring out the best in children, the community and themselves.

Liturgy Team – A Liturgy Team is not usually a group that many schools have, but St. John’s has made it a point to involve the students in almost every aspect of school life. The Liturgy Team does things ranging from planning the weekly school masses to organizing a list of people to read the daily P.A. prayer. They help the church out a lot by finding people to read, sing, and greet. The Liturgy Team also organizes events to raise money and help out the school and community.

Mission Society – St. Johns Mission Society is composed of St. John’s students who wish to spend time volunteering for activities which will benefit the community and school. They organize fund raisers in school and many times allow the students to have “jean days” by paying a dollar or fifty cents to the missions. They sponsor “Fat Tuesday” each year just before Lent. Their most looked forward to activity is coming up soon. The members will take a trip to Appalachia, to help build a house for those who don’t have much money. This event comes around annually, and it always seems to leave unforgettable memories for all the members.

NHS – The National Honors Society is an organization based on leadership skills, academic achievements, character, and scholarship. The members of NHS work hard every year to help the school and community. St. Johns is very proud of our NHS students.

SADD – Short for Students Against Destructive Decisions is an organization made up of volunteer students interested in helping keep their fellow students safe.

Scholastic Bowl – St. John’s Scholastic Bowl Team is a group of intelligent students who travel to different schools to compete on academic competitions. These students work hard and represent our school’s excellent academic program.

Student Council – St. Johns has a group called Student Council. Student Council representatives consist of 4 girls and 4 boys from each High School grade, plus each grade’s Class President. Representatives do community service, such as Saturday recycles which take place the second Saturday of every month on the South side of grade school. Student Council also plans Homecoming, Prom, and several other isolated events such as a Christmas Assembly, Stress Free Day, Valentine Grams. Student Council also handles problems brought by the students, and acts as a go between for teachers and students.

Yearbook – St. Johns Yearbook staff is primarily in charge of making the yearly St. Johns Crest yearbook. These talented students work long and hard putting together a yearbook filled with interesting facts and memories. The yearbook team is headed by Mrs. Stiffey.

Youth Group Core Team - The Youth Group Core Team is made up of students interested in bringing the love of Christ to all. The core team plan and organize activities for our high school students. Projects have included a lock-in, enjoying faith based movies and sharing the fellowship of those who want to live a Christ-like life. Students are encouraged to attend as many activities as they wish.

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