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Delphos St John

Etiquette at Mass

Proper Etiquette at Mass
1.  Please dress properly.  Your clothing should not call attention to you.  You should dress modestly.  Remember, you are going to worship God, not go to your favorite dance club!
2.  Be ready to worship.  This means you should pray and thank God for all He has done for you.  You may want to pray for others.  Mass is an audience participation activity!  You are not there to sit back and watch others perform.  Sing!  Participate in the responses!  The more you put into the Mass, the more you will get out of it.
3.  Bless yourself with holy water.  Use your right hand and with your fingers lightly touch the holy water and make the sign of the cross.  This is a reminder of your baptism and binds us with Christ.
4.  Genuflect.  Before you enter the pew, genuflect toward the tabernacle.  This is a sign of respect for the Body of Christ present in the tabernacle.  
5.  No gum chewing.  You should fast one hour before receiving Communion and this would break your fast.
6.  Cell phones should be on silent.  If you must have your cell phone on, please remember to set it on silent.  Use it only in case of an emergency.  Mass is a time to spend with the Lord, not texting with family and friends.
7.  Show up early and stay until after Mass is over.  Both of these times are perfect to spend some quality time in prayer.  You deserve it!
8.  Bow before you receive Holy Communion.  Remember, you are receiving the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.  Bowing is a sign of respect.
These are just a few friendly reminders as to what one should do at Mass.  We are fortunate to be able to worship God and receive His graces.  We should do all we can to make our Mass experience meaningful. 
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