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Restart/Reopen Message
Dear Blue Jay Family:
We would first like to thank you for taking the time to complete our survey, using your feedback to help develop our plan to restart/reopen the 2020-2021 school year, here at St. John’s.  Outside the survey, much collaboration has been and is still taking place with a committee of teachers, administrative staff, School Council, other local schools, as well as the Allen County Health Department.  The safety and well being of all members of our school community remains our top priority as we begin to lay out elements of our reopen plan, shared within this letter.
In conjunction with our parent and staff survey, our committee is committed to effective practices that focus on the following in our restart/reopen.
-Emphasize safeguards and measures to protect health and safety and promote behaviors to reduce spread.
-Maintain healthy environments.
-Sustain academic quality in a Faith-based environment.
While plans are still being developed, we do want to share important tentative information with you, as outlined by the State as part of the restart/reopen process for schools.
-We will have in-person learning, five days a week.
-We will begin school as scheduled on Wednesday, August 19, 2020.
-We plan to offer an online option that will exist for students with medical concerns.
-We will have traditional bus routes, in cooperation with Jefferson.  Students using this transportation option will be required to follow the guidelines set forth by Jefferson, for transportation to school and other events.
1.)  Vigilantly Assess for Symptoms.
As an Elementary and Junior High/High School we are strongly encouraging all families to take temperatures before any students come into the building, helping to ensure we keep a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  In addition, we may take temperatures at the doors and/or in the classroom throughout the day.
To help limit the congregation of students, we will be staggering arrival times for students and providing them with a designated entrance to enter the building and limit traffic/congregation points.  Further details will follow.
If a student has a temperature over 100 he or she should stay home or he or she will be taken to the nurse’s clinic where Nurse Jean will conduct our protocol for a potentially at-risk student, in conjunction with the Allen County Health Department.  We want to ensure we protect other students and staff whenever we can.  We will continue to work with the Allen County Health Department on this protocol and share it with you.
We will also monitor the daily absence of students and staff, to assure we are not penalizing them for being sick while ensuring that they have the correct paperwork to return to school if they are exhibiting COVID related symptoms and/or test positive/negative.  In order to do this, we are asking for the cooperation of our parents to help secure the safety of the staff and other students.
2.)  Wash and Sanitize Hands to Prevent Spread.
We will be modeling and encouraging handwashing and use of sanitizer, when and wherever we can.  We are working diligently to add pump dispensers in every classroom, at the main entrances of school, and all high traffic areas for students and staff to use.  While also incorporating posters and other items as reminders for students throughout the school building. 
3.)  Thoroughly Clean and Sanitize School Environment to Limit Spread on Shared Surfaces.
We have been in discussions with our maintenance department and will be developing a cleaning regiment and schedule for the school each and every day, even during the day, working to ensure we disinfect to the best of our ability, not only classrooms but high traffic areas, such as restrooms.  
For the Junior High/High School and in the Elementary Specials classes, before a class change, we will be asking the students to clean down their desks with disinfectant provided and a paper towel for the next students using the desks/classroom.  Continuing to work to help avoid the spread of germs to others.
4.)  Practice Social Distancing.
For both the Elementary and Junior High/High School we can socially distance 20 students per classroom 5 to 6 feet apart.  For many of the High School courses, this will not be a problem.  For the Junior High and some Elementary Grades, it is a challenge, but we feel we have unique and creative ways to make this a reality for all of our classes.
In addition, we are examining staggering class changes, spacing out lockers, organizing restroom usage and capacity, eating lunch in classrooms, adjusting recess (taking recess as a class and not mixing with other classrooms), placing markers on the floor for bus lines and carpool pick-up, limiting visitors, and other items to help keep as much social distance as possible, when possible.  
5.)  Implement Face Coverings Policy.
It is a requirement from the State that all staff wear a face-covering when they cannot social distance from students or other staff.  As a result, we are examining the options of teachers wearing a mask and/or a face shield depending on their comfort level and what they will be doing and how they will be interacting with students.  If staff cannot maintain social distancing while in the classroom, one of these options will be in effect.
As for students, if we can social distance the students in the class, then we feel there is not a need for them to wear a mask unless they want to, and by all means will be able to.  However, as students change classes or they find themselves in any situation that may involve congregating they will be required to wear a mask.  They will need to wear a mask coming to school, in the hallway by their lockers, changing classes, and leaving school.  In doing this we feel it is in the best interest of our staff and students and their well-being.
All face coverings will need to cover the chin, mouth, and nose at all times, when being worn.  
At this time, K to 2 students will not be required to wear a mask, as they are not physically or emotionally developed enough for a face covering to be more of an assistance than a hindrance to spreading germs.  
For students and staff with medical or developmental issues that cannot wear a mask, we will work with them individually to ensure their protection, as well as the protection of those they work closely with, while also reducing any social stigma.
We are looking into various options for masks for students at school in a cost effective and safe way.  Students will also be permitted to wear properly fitting masks from home, as long as the mask is a standard color with no symbols or wording on it, other than our school name and/or symbol.  Further details/guidelines will follow.
6.)  Remote Learning.
The School is working to provide a remote learning option that would allow students with health conditions or illnesses to work from home along with the students working in the classrooms at school.  We will be using Google Classroom/Meet to accomplish this.  More information and details regarding this will be coming as we continue to meet with our committee, the health department, and other local schools to define this plan.  Parents interested in starting the year on-line should contact the Elementary or High School Office, so we can examine the number of students and grades levels this will affect.
As we know there are many other moving parts to this besides what is mentioned above, but this is just an outline of our start and ideas for the future.  As we are still discussing other items, such as waivers, how to make water available to the students throughout the day, the potential for building hours outside athletics, educational screening to help ensure we are picking up where needed for all students, and most importantly ensuring we are all united in our policies and procedures and communicating those to our families in a positive and proactive way, with the well-being of our staff and students in mind.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact either of us at school either via email at [email protected] or [email protected] or by phone 419-692-5371 or 419-692-8561.  Some questions may not have answers at this time but every attempt will be made to provide direction.
Thank you again for your understanding and support.  There is no question that by helping to support one another, we will find success in providing our students with a strong Catholic Education through this reality.
Go Jays and God Bless,
Mr. Nathan Stant                              Father Dennis Walsh                                                  Mr. Adam Lee
Elementary Principal                       Pastor/Superintendent                               Junior High/High School Principal
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