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Delphos St John


Objectives and Expectations
Our educational objectives are as follows:
  • To establish habits which will help the student to acquire and maintain sound moral, mental and physical health
  •  To provide an atmosphere of educational growth by providing a positive learning environment. The faculty strives to maintain excellence in education through their own personal growth by attending in-service workshops, conventions, religious education meetings, appropriate course of study updates, inter-visitation, professional reading and openness to new and creative ideas
Our goals and expectations are: 
  • A school atmosphere free from disruption and conducive to the educational process
  • Information to parents/guardians about your student's educational program
  • Information about your student's progress or lack of progress
  • Access to your student's records
  • Information to parents of rules and regulations
  • Opportunities for meetings with teachers to discuss grades or concerns
  • A school where teachers and administrators fairly and consistently enforce rules and regulations
  • Confidentiality of school records

And, at Delphos St. John's School, we expect our parents/guardians to
  • Reinforce good Christian values
  • See that your student attends school regularly and on time
  • Emphasize discipline and responsibility
  • Assist in the completion of homework and other assignments
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences
  • Pay fees and tuition on time

Common Forms
Below are a few of the commonly used forms.  If there are any that you would like or need please do not hesitate in contacting:
High School Office at (419) 692-5371 or email [email protected] 
Elementary Office at (419) 692-8561 or email [email protected]
Preschool Office at (419) 692-9806 or email [email protected] 

Jr. High/High School Parents - Please also note that each Jr. High/High School student receives this information in their annual Student Planner. Feel free to refer to that, if needed.  

Dress Code Policies

Jr. High/High School Dress Code Policy 2023-24, please refer to pages 39-42 of the above Handbook link.

Preschool students are not required to wear uniforms.  

Other Policies

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