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Delphos St John

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

This distinguished award recognizes individuals whose deeds and character exemplify outstanding achievement in their life's work and/or service to their community.  The honorees spirit and leadership are worthy of recognition and have inspired praise and gratitude among his or her peers.  There is a selection committee in place to review the nominations and select recipients in the following categories: Professional Achievement, Arts/Athletics, Service to Mankind, and Service to St. John's.  

Hall of Fame Committee Members Include:
Dave Berelsman
George Berelsman
Dick Clark
Bob Ebbeskotte
Denny and Cindy Elwer
Mike Grubenhoff
Tricia Patton
Charlie Pohlman
JoAn Smith
DSJ Staff Members - Mr. Adam Lee, JH/HS Principal and J.J. McClain, Director of Institutional Advancement

To nominate a deserving friend, complete and submit this Hall of Fame Nomination Form.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Professional AchievementArts/Athletic Achievement
2004Kevin HemkerClass of 19802004Frank GarzaClass of 1970
2005Dr. Joseph SchergerClass of 19692005Tom NominaClass of 1959
2006Karen (Klausing) AustinClass of 19792006Gene KlausClass of 1963
2007Valerie BestClass of 19692007Dick YoungpeterClass of 1951
2008Dr. Craig ReinemeyerClass of 19692008Ben MeskerClass of 1989
2009Dr. Dan RodeClass of 19602009Michael BendeleClass of 1971
2010Mary (Scherger) BonhommeClass of 19702010Jim & Jerry CarderClass of 1964
2011Dr. Joseph MyersClass of 19682011Deb (Elwer) LindemanClass of 1979
2012Paul BaumgarteClass of 19392012Scott SchulteClass of 1990
2013Bob KillClass of 19552013Barney AltmanClass of 1954
2014Dr. Bill LaufClass of 19602014 
Sue (Youngpeter) HohenbrinkClass of 1979
2015Dick SchergerClass of 19592015Joe BonifasClass of 1972
2016Duane PohlmanClass of 19822016Ken BurgeiClass of 1968
2017Maurice J. (Bud) MuellerClass of 19542017Colin WestrichClass of 1994
2018Dr. Michael E. ZalarClass of 19772018Richard HoningfordClass of 1950
2019Dan RuperClass of 19612019Jeanne (Arnzen) GulickClass of 1979
2020/2021Dan KimmetClass of 19672020/2021Dan "Beeze" GrothouseClass of 1973
2022Steven "Stu" FortenerClass of 19862022Alisha (Anthony) KagariseClass of 2006
2023Phil KortokraxClass of 19812023Denny SchwinnenClass of 1967

Service to MankindService to St. John's
2004John NominaClass of 19692004Mary Jeannette (Nolte) MenkeClass of 1943
2005Mike WilsonClass of 19622005Bob Arnzen
2006Fr. Thomas WeinandyClass of 19642006Gilbert "Gip" PohlmanClass of 1956
2007Bob SchmitClass of 19432007John DickmanClass of 1967
2008Dr. Michael RekartClass of 19652008George Adams
2009Bob UlmClass of 19742009Dennis HickeyClass of 1971
2010Ronnie GrouthousClass of 19612010Ollie SeverClass of 1932
2011Msgr. Bertrand ShenkClass of 19302011Angeline (Mom) Miller
2012Bishop Albert Ottenweller
2012John GieskenClass of 1949
2013Jerry KemperClass of 19662013Fran Voll
2014Sisters of Notre Dame
John Gunder
2015Br. Nick RennerClass of 19612015 
Mary Beth Will
2016Fr. Bob HoldenClass of 19542016Dorothy Fisher
2017Denny ElwerClass of 1971 2017Mel Westrich
2018Margaret (Friedrich) FischerClass of 19492018Sandra (Schwinnen) HellmanClass of 1963
2019Mike GallmeierClass of 19692019Lonna (Grewe) MillerClass of 1979
2020/2021Chuck BertlingClass of 19682020/2021Tom Lane
2022David BerelsmanClass of 1969 
2022Claude Bergfeld 
Class of 1950
2023Dan "Kermie" KimmetClass of 19752023Don HuysmanClass of 1966

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