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Delphos St John

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

If interested in watching the 2019 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, our videos link is posted down below.


An Insight on Dan Rupert...

As a senior at St. John's, Dan Rupert was extremely involved in school: He was the senior class president, was captain of both the football and basketball team, and had the lead role in the senior play (The King and I).  Growing up as a bluejay, Rupert learned various vital lessons from his mother (Jenny), his father (George), and his ten siblings.  Having the Sisters of Notre Dame around at school taught Dan at an early age to show respect and reverence to those around him.  In high school, Dan developed a close friendship with three staff members who saw his true potential: football coach Bill Ricco, Principal Fr. Tom Kuhn, and the renowned basketball coach Bob Arnzen.  

After graduation, Rupert attended St. Meinrad College in Indiana, graduating in 1965 with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy.  With his time there at Meinrad, Dan was able to meet Benedictine monks who taught him valuable lessons that he never would have been able to learn in a classroom.  Three years later, in 1968, Rupert attained his Master's degree in Education at St. Francis College in Fort Wayne.

Returning to St. John's, this time as a member of the faculty, Dan taught literature, psychology, and even ventured into becoming a School Counselor.  Once the school day was over, you'd often find Dan out on the courts, coaching after school for both basketball and tennis.  Rupert was once the player who looked up to the coach, but now Dan is the man who children can now look up to.  

Years later, Dan transferred to Lima Central Catholic High School in 1976 and stayed there for 21 years.  There, he was yet again a counselor, coach, administrator, and eventually the Principal.  Rupert also is a trustee of the diocesan Retirement Plan for Lay Employees.  Along with this, Dan was honored to serve his alma mater as a member of the Board of Overseers of St. Meinrad College and School of Theology.

Concluding his career in 1998, Dan moved to Shawnee High School to be a counselor.  In total, Dan taught for 43 years of his life, changing lives and making a difference each and every day.

                                                                      (Article Written by Nicole Pohlman)

An Insight on Lonna (Grewe) Miller...

Lonna Miller has been involved with St. John's for many years, being a born and raised Catholic as well as a born and raised bluejay.  Faith and service has always been important to her growing up.  Being taught Catholic/Christian moral values at a young age by her parents, Lonna knew the importance and appreciation of giving up one's self for another by providing a helping hand to those around her in her community. 

Miller is honored to have had the privilege to be able to work and support Delphos Saint John's, both in the school and the parish.  Graduating in 1965 and still serving to this day, the Blue Jay nest truly is her home.  Lonna finds that after all these years, she truly realizes that our school is "A Tradition Worth Keeping".

After graduating in 1965, leaving the blue jay nest to fly for the first time, Lonna pursued a career in accounting.  For 18 years she focused on General Dynamics, for 8 years she was a business manager at St. John's, and for 7 years Lonna was the Director of Finance and Operations at Lima Central Catholic.  Miller has also worked with the Parish Foundation, Parish Council, Maintenance Committee, Exterior Grounds,  Plaza of the Church Committee, and the Multi-Purpose Building Committee. Along with all of this, Lonna is a trustee and president of the Arnold C. Dienstberger Foundation. 

Church involvement is a pivotal part of Lonna's life, serving her Church in various aspects.  Working with Mary Beth Will (who achieved the Service to St. John's award in 2015), Miller became an instrumental factor to Mass.  For 22 years, Lonna has helped decadently decorate the Church for special liturgical events: such as Advent, Christmas, Lenten, Easter, and the Ordinary Time liturgy seasons.  Also, Lonna Miller serves in the lay ministry as a greeter and Eucharistic minister.

Continuing her efforts to make a difference at her alumni school, Lonna volunteers yearly with our school's Church Festival set-up in mid-October.  Some of the tasks she saw through during festival were duties such as soliciting prizes and donations, decorating/taking down decorations, and even doing shifts at the fun-filled games such as bean bag toss.  I myself, was given the privilege to work with Lonna Miller during Church Festival, and I will say it was an experience I will never forget.  Lonna inspires me to continue to serve my community in any way I can, shining a smile along the way.

Lonna Miller gives her sincerest thanks to the Hall of Fame Committee and all of those who had nominated her for the great honor of The Service to St. John's Award.  

                                                                     (Article Written by Nicole Pohlman)


An Insight on Michael Gallmeier...

Mike Gallmeier is the prime example of the kind of person who should be bestowed the Service to Mankind Award.  

Growing up in Delphos on West First St., Gallmeier was the oldest of six siblings.  Having almost a hundred neighborhood kids around him, Michael always had countless memories to tell of his days as a kid.  His parents (Caroline and Harold) had owned the Chew-Chew Restaurant for many years, so Mike was extremely hard-working growing up.  He had said that working their with his family shaped him into who he became as an adult.

Mike (otherwise known by some in high school as "Fido") made many memories at St. John's, especially out on the football field.  With Coach George Rafferty, Gallmeier and an astounding high school career with his friends and classmates.  In 1968, the football team earned the title 'Tri County League Champions' title for the first time ever in school history.

Upon graduation, Michael worked as a delivery driver with the company Meadow Gold Dairy.  Later in life, Gallmeier became a UPS route driver- there he would retire from 35 years later.  

Mike decided to serve on the Delphos City Council for 8 years before giving it a shot to run for Mayor of Delphos.  Gallmeier served as Mayor from 2008-2017.  Sadly, during his third term, Mike was forced to retire due to his glioblastoma brain cancer.

Everyday Michael loved helping his community in any way he could and was proud to call Delphos his home.  One would often find Gallmeier around town, whether it was at a Kiwanis club event or simply decorating the town for events and activities.  Mike was the organizer of the 'Free Food on Us' program to help to feed the hungry in our local communities.  

Everything Michael did, he did for Delphos, even till the day he died on February 8th, 2018.  He will forever be known for his never-ending generosity and kindness to those around him as well as his service to mankind.  Mike's legacy will continue to live on through his family, who created the 'Mike Gallmeier Foundation' and who also still runs his 'Free Food on Us' program.  
                                                                       (Article written by Nicole Pohlman)

An Insight on Jeanne (Arnzen) Gulick...

Jeanne Arnzen is the daughter of Bob Arnzen and Alice (Beining) Arnzen.  Growing up with four siblings: Elaine (Class of 1973), Maria (1974), Jim (1976), and Ted (1982), two things were extremely important to Jeanne: family and sports.  Her father Bob was the Hall of Fame boys basketball coach.  He is the one who first inspired her to get into basketball, going to the gym together along with other basketball scouting missions.

During her time in high school at St. John's, Jeanne faced a personal tough decision that, in the end, greatly impacted her life. Deciding between cheerleading or basketball, Jeanne decided to join the girls team, and by doing this, Jeanne had seasons of success. Practicing with her dad and Coach Fran Voll, Jeanne was motivated to make her family and coach proud, putting her best effort into everything she did each and every day.  

On her freshman year of high school, the bluejay basketball girls had a record of 12-6 and later advanced to the District finals. Sophomore season, the team had an astounding record of 24-0, earning them a Class A state championship.  in 1978, the Jays made it to the state semi-finals, where the sadly lost a close game of 66-64 to the unbeaten team of Springboro, finishing their season with a record of 24-1.  Jeanne's senior season, they finished with a record of 26-0 and was the Class AA state champions!  For her high school career, Jeanne scored a total of 1,085 pts., the 9th all-time girls scorer in St. John's history.  Along with that, Jeanne received numerous statewide awards and was even inducted into the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame!  To this day, Jeanne still considers her teammates of 1979 to be her best of friends and she will never forget the memories she made as a bluejay basketball player.

Upon graduation, Jeanne went to college at Northern Kentucky University and played for their basketball team for two years.  Later, she transferred to Bowling Green for her final two seasons where she graduated with a degree in elementary education.  After earning her degree, Jeanne settled in at Madeira schools, near Cincinnati, where she recently retired after 29 years.  At her school, Jeanne hosted pep rallies and got her students excited for sports, promoting exercise into a positive light for her students.  

One small decision her freshman year changed the entire course of her life.  Joining the bluejay basketball team is what made Jeanne into the fine, strong lady she is today.  Basketball is how she developed friendships, how she spent her free time, and even how she met her husband!  Jeanne met Jim Gulick on the basketball courts at the Van Wert YMCA.

"I'm totally humbled to be honored with this award.".  Jeanne wishes the thank the Hall of Fame Committee for selecting her and the people who nominated her for the Arts/Athletic Achievement award.

                                                                      (Article Written by Nicole Pohlman)


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