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St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway
St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway  August 10, 2024 from 6p-11p located in the All Saints Gymnasium. Get your tickets TODAY from the Ministry Center, an Athletic Booster Board Member, Athletic Endowment Trustees, or use this venmo link A night at the Horse Races with games of chance, food trucks, and fellowship! 
Delphos St John

The Blue Jay Experience

St. John the Evangelist Catholic Schools have much to be proud of in its long tradition of Catholic Education. The school’s continued successes can be attributed to the firm commitment of its administration, faculty, staff, and community. We recognize the need for a partnership to exist so that there is cooperation between students, staff, parents, and the school to ensure the effectiveness of our school programs. When good communication exists, successful results can be achieved. 

Religion, the free exercise of our faith, is at the center of school life and activity.  Our students are expected to extend his/her knowledge of Catholic Faith, its heritage, values, traditions, and to seek a deeper faith and commitment to Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and living a life of spiritual goodness.  This, along with a strong focus on academics, helps define who we are. 

Beyond The Classroom / Getting Involved

A defining characteristic of a St. John the Evangelist Catholic education is the development of the whole person. Our students are encouraged to pursue their passions and discover new interests. Our extracurricular activities and clubs are diverse and inclusive, allowing each student the opportunity to cultivate their own interests and creative abilities. 

Strong athletic programs have been part of the tradition of St. John's for generations of Blue Jays. Outside of athletic opportunities, students are exposed to student service ministries, arts/music, clubs and organizations, and much more. Students enrolling at St. John's are expected to be involved in activities beyond the classroom.

Delphos St. John the Evangelist Catholic Schools encourage ALL students to become involved in extra-curricular activities. The Blue Jay Experience is about activities and opportunities for growth and achievement. Just as important as good grades in high school, colleges and the work force look to see continued involvement in activities and what leadership positions students have held in those activities. 

It is also important to us for our students to become familiar with the requirements for academic honor societies and student government opportunities should they want to pursue them. We believe parents should encourage participation in our extra-curricular activities as one of the best ways for our students to be successful for years beyond our halls.

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