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St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway
St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway  August 10, 2024 from 6p-11p located in the All Saints Gymnasium. Get your tickets TODAY from the Ministry Center, an Athletic Booster Board Member, Athletic Endowment Trustees, or use this venmo link A night at the Horse Races with games of chance, food trucks, and fellowship! 
Delphos St John

2020-2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

2020-2021 Hall of Fame Inductees

If interested in the 2020-2021 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, our videos link is posted down below.

An Insight on Dan Kimmet...

Kimmet grew up as the youngest of four on a small farm six miles south of Delphos.  Even though neither of Dan's parents (Lawrence and Bertha Kimmet) graduated from high school, they still encouraged their children about the values of education, especially the values of a Catholic School education.  

During Dan's time of high school, he was actively involved in student council and was the president of his Junior Class.  Dan will never forget the fond memories he made with his classmates and the down-to-earth connections he made with our welcoming staff, especially the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Graduating from Delphos Saint John's in 1967, Dan received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 1971 and his Master's degree in 1972.  Later receiving additional education to support himself and his career, Dan went to The University of Pittsburg, Northwestern University, and even Harvard.  

Upon completing his education, Kimmet spent two years working as an engineer for Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.  However, in 1974, Dan and his wife Cindy moved back to the Delphos area in 1974.  Kimmet earned a position with the Aeroquip Corporation (and the Eaton Corporation which purchased Aeroquip in 1999) in Van Wert, Ohio, and worked their for 28 years.

During his 28 year timespan with Aeroquip and Eaton, Dan worked his way up in the company.  Starting as a design engineer, Kimmet moved his way up in the ranks, becoming and earning countless titles for himself.  Some of these titles being positions such as Engineering/Plant Manager, Group VP of Aerospace, Group VP of Automotives, and even the head of all operations at Aeroquip.  With the work that Dan does, his facilities/operations include areas in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, and South America.

After retiring from Aeroquip/Eaton, Dan was named CEO for Dillin Corporation, a development firm in Toledo, Ohio.  Dan also spent a year of his time in Columbus working with the College of Engineering.  There, Kimmet had helped to establish the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence on the west campus side of Ohio State.

Dan Kimmet got the life he wanted: He got to marry his high school sweetheart Cindy Alt (also graduated Class of 1967), had three wonderful daughters (all whom attended St. John's), found a career he excelled in, and made a name for himself.  But in order to achieve all of this, Dan knew he had to push himself to strive to meet these goals.  Life is always going to be work, but the harder you work, the easier life will be and the more you will get out of it.  

Kimmet is grateful for all the years he spent at Delphos Saint John's and is honored beyond measure to earn this award.

                                                                           (Article written by Nicole Pohlman)


An Insight on Tom Lane III...

Tom Lane III was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, to parents Evelyn Lane and Tom Lane, Jr.  Evelyn Lane was a nurse for 45 years at Toledo Hospital while his father Tom Jr. was a civil engineer at Owens Corning Fiberglass.  His parents set an example of a strong work ethic very early on in Tom's life that set a foundation for the future of his own career.  

Growing up, Tom saw first-hand from his parents what it meant to work.  There were days when his parents would go in early or stay in late, worked weekend shifts, and even sometimes holidays.  However, Tom learned a valuable lesson from witnessing his parents dedication to their jobs that he will never forget.  In life, going the extra mile can help you to reach your dream destination.

Introduced to the field of sports medicine by Regina Motley, who had treated him for an athletic injury after high school, Tom soon realized that sports medicine could be an occupation he could see himself pursuing.  Talking to Regina as he received treatment, Tom started to set himself on the career path of an athletic trainer.  Enrolling at Bowling Green State University, Lane worked in the athletic department and even as a student athletic director on campus for a year.  During his time at BGSU, Lane also did a summer internship called IMG Academy where he met Dorri Buchholtz.  Buchholtz taught Tom how to work with and kids and especially how to talk to them rather than over them.  Another great influence in Tom's life was Dr. Gary Schniegenburg, his first team physician and close friend.  Schniegenburg taught him not only to take care of his athletes, but at the end of the day you need to take care of yourself.  Last but not least is colleague Robb Williams, whom Tom had worked with for five years at St. Rita's Medical Hospital.  Robb had been the head athletic trainer at multiple Division I universities and was Tom's connection to some of the major players in the athletic trainer profession.  Lane took all of his colleague's advice to heart and found his experiences with them to be priceless.

Introduced to DSJ in 1996, trainer Tom received a letter from St. Rita's in regards to the request of a licensed athletic director for the school Delphos Saint John's. Assuming Delphos St. John's was like his school Toledo's St. John's, an all-boys Catholic school, Tom was in for a surprise!  As of this year, Trainer Tom as been our school's Licensed Athletic Trainer for 24 years and counting.

"The tradition, not only in athletics, but school and community, is amazing."  Tom is truly proud to be a part of our blue jay family, helping our athletes with broken wings fly back on the court or field.  Lane states that our students are: "the best I've ever treated in and out of the training room."  Trainer Tom has also had the opportunity at St. John's to meet some other terrific professionals, one of them being Dr. Jason Hageman, a DSJ grad that Lane met when Jason was in the 8th grade.  Today Dr. Hageman is a Sports Medicine Medical Director at Mercy Health St. Rita's.  At the end of the day, Tom's goal is to be more knowledgeable in his field to better educate athletes and school's of his occupation as well as the importance of having access to an athletic trainer. 

I know from a personal experience in sports, Tom helped me tremendously by working with me throughout the week after school.  Teaching me new stretches, giving me personalized tests to see my improvements, and by simply checking up on me. Trainer Tom truly had one-on-one conversations with me and he treated me as a friend rather than a patient.  To this day, I still sometimes stop by his office to say hi, talk, and crack a few jokes in between.  During the fall season, I pulled a tendon in my ankle sophomore year of soccer.  Along with that, during my junior year, I got a concussion outside of school sports.  With each visit I could tell I was making progress, and Trainer Tom gave me the reassurance I needed when I was worried about my condition. 

When Tom was informed that he had been inducted into the St. John's Hall of Fame, Tom laughed, thinking it was all one big joke.  At hearing that he was awarded the Service to St. John's award, he was utterly speechless.  "To hear that after all the sacrifices I've made over the last 20 years is very gratifying, and there have been many sacrifices made, but in the end, I hope it was worth it."  

In 2019, Tom was awarded the National Athletic Trainers' Association Athletic Trainer Service Award in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His sister Sarah and her fiance Joe live in Toledo.  He also has a niece named Mona and a nephew named Anthony.

                                                                    (Article written by NIcole Pohlman)



An Insight on Chuck Bertling...

Graduating from Delphos Saint John’s High School in 1968, Chuck is the second oldest of twelve children to James (Bud) and Margie Bertling.  Chuck’s freshman year of high school was spent at Our Lady of the Lake Seminary in Wawasee, Indiana, but the rest of his high school career was at the nest of St. John’s Catholic school.  From an early age, Bertling had his mind set on what he wanted to do in his future: to be a missionary to children in Third World countries to bring them the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.

During his time here at St. John’s, there were a couple of staff members that Bertling will never forget who always showed kindness and compassion to those around them.  One being John Gunder, his speech teacher and director of the school play “Oliver Twist”.  Another being none other than the famous Bob Arnzen basketball coach.  Lastly, the third, is Bishop Albert Henry Ottenweller.  Ottenweller was an extremely important spiritual leader in Bertling’s life who inspired and encouraged Chuck to deepen his faith with God.

Upon graduation, on June 7th, 1968, Chuck had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  Once Chuck concluded boot camp and all the jungle warfare training, Bertling went to Vietnam and fought as an infantryman in the first I Corps area.  One night during patrol, his company was ambushed and Bertling was left wounded, receiving a gunshot wound to the upper right arm.  He was later awarded the Purple Heart Medal and was discharged from the Marine Corps on March 24th 1972.  

Returning to Delphos in 1988, Chuck continued his family's business of ice cream distribution in Northwest, Ohio.  It always made Chuck happy to see a child smile wide at the sight of an ice cream cone.  One day, with the help of his 8-year-old niece Danielle Bertling Smith and her parents Mark and MaryAnn Smith, Chuck rekindled the spark and flame of faith he had for Christ.  With this fire in his soul burning bright again, melting away all the ice cream, Bertling went to finally pursue his missionary dream again that he had when he was 14 years old.   

Taking the first next step into his passion for missionary, Chuck began volunteering at New Hope Christian Center in Elida, Ohio.  Attending a Vacation Bible School in 1993, Bertling made many friends who all decided to come together hand-in-hand to make a change.  Some of his fellow Church Members: Dave Halker, Dan Galagher, and Mark and MaryAnn came together and founded an outreach team called “Backyard Friends Ministries”.  This ministry is still operating and reaching out to children and families today in the Lima community.

In 1995, Chuck had gone even further in children’s outreach and joined Metro World Child Ministries headed by Bill Wilson.  Two years later, in 1997, Chuck took his desire and practice with him to serve God in Southeast Asia and Bangkok Thailand on a missionary trip.  Working with kids in Bangkok for 19 years, he taught children who lived in garbage dumps the love of God.  The last five years of Chuck’s missionary trip, he continued to teach and proclaim to children up in the mountains and cities near Chiang Rai, Thailand.

A favorite quote from Chuck is: “Longevity is the key to the manifestation of God’s promises.”  

Chuck would like to thank the Hall of Fame Committee for selecting him and would like to thank God for being with him every step of the way.

An Insight on Dan J. "Breeze" Grothouse...

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