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Through the Halls Network - VLOG

“Through the Halls” has been a term heard around Delphos St. John’s for many years – a newsletter, a radio show - and now … a VLOG!  A new Media Club was established in 2021 and the idea for a school VLOG flourished.  After hours of brainstorming, organizing, filming, and editing – Through the Halls Network was established.  The Club wanted to keep the tradition of a well-known media related name, with a modern spin – and, being video, the addition of Network just seemed to fit.  
The NEW VLOG will be released every other Sunday throughout the school year at Noon, starting on December 19, 2021.  Each 5-10 minute segment will highlight a program, service, activity, club, and/or accomplishment of Delphos St. John’s; as well as a “DSJ Fun Fact” only heard on this network.  These will air on Delphos St John’s High School YouTube Channel and will remain for future viewing.  
Members of the 2021-2022 Media Club include the following Junior High and High School students: 
Marcus Freewalt, Senior (Founding Member)
Nicole Pohlman, Senior
Adara Fuerst, Senior
Melanie Gerdeman, Junior
Alivia Hines, Sophomore
Chloe Etzkorn, Sophomore
Max Edsall, Sophomore
Aubrey Friedrich, Sophomore
Tess Vonderwell, Sophomore
Andrew Bockey, Sophomore
Andy Walpole, Freshman
Lea Rode - 8th Grade

Co-advisors are J.J. McClain, Institutional Advancement, and Jeff Bockey, Technology.   
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Episode 1: The Blue Jay Way
Episode 3: IEPs Offered
Episode 10: Why ChooseDelphos St. John's School (our final episode of the 2022-2023 school year)
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