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Delphos St John

Class of 1977

Spotlight on Annette Lange

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I first became interested in music because it was a part of my family life from day one. My Mom and Dad always had a piano in our house because my paternal grandmother had been a piano teacher. My maternal grandparents also had a piano in their house. My two older sisters played piano and so it was just natural that I would do so too. I started taking lessons when I was six and kept taking them until I graduated from high school at age eighteen. I had an excellent piano teacher who helped me to stick with it: Mrs. Sheeter.

I joined the band as soon as we were permitted to join the band. I played the flute in band, and my first instructor was our band director at the time: I believe his name was Mr. Slattery. Because I already had been taking piano for some time, I already knew how to read music.

I went to college at Notre Dame. I played the piccolo in the Marching Band of the Fighting Irish. To this day, that experience remains among the fondest memories of my life. I clearly remember marching around the campus on warm (and not so warm) autumn nights with the golden dome brightly shining in the distance. I also clearly remember marching out of the tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium on game days to the roar of the highly-partisan Irish crowd.

As for high school band, it was great too. I remember being very hot during August band camp and having to take salt tablets. I remember leaving a family vacation in Myrtle Beach so I could return to band camp on time. I remember losing one of my contact lenses while doing a halftime football program and finding it hard to concentrate on the music and the marching. I remember having the "Stars and Stripes" piccolo solo my senior year and being very nervous (and because we did not have any piccolos, I did it on the flute, which, looking back, was somewhat weird . . . .) I remember that when I was a Sophomore I played the flute for the pit band for the Senior Class Play "Bye, Bye Birdie." I remember watching Joyce Geddens ('75) stick her head into an oven (per the script) but then the oven tipped over on her and Bill Scherger ('75) had to help her get her head out. I remember seeing how hard Bill was laughing and how he tried to cover it up because he was not facing the audience at the time. Of course, we in the pit band (which was beside -- not in front of -- the stage had a clear view. It was one of the funniest scenes I have ever witnessed.

Discipline from band -- like all other sources of discipline -- helped me a great deal in my life. Mostly, though, I view my band experience as a critical part of my life because of the great memories and great fun.

As for my education and career path, I went to Notre Dame after high school and received a BA in Liberal Arts. I then went on the Harvard Law School, where I got a JD. I have had what some might consider a pretty "typical" career path here in Washington DC. I clerked for a Judge, then went into private practice, and then moved into the government sector. I work for the Department of Justice, doing civil enforcement work (as opposed to criminal prosecution work) in the environmental area. I represent the United States as we enforce laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Superfund.

1977 Class Directory

Chuck Wannemacher
Delphos OH

Tina (Burgei) '82 and I have lived in Delphos since we were married. We have 3 kids: Nathan 19, Karissa 17, Jonathon 14 who are all Blue Jays of course. We keep busy with 3 teenagers and carrying on Blue Jay traditions! 

Peggy (Klausing) Rector
Lima OH

Dan Stemen
Van Wert
Stemen update: After a few years of sport's editing for the Lima News web sites, I am now the on-line sport's editor for the Fort Wayne Daily News at -- I cover 19 high schools in the Fort Wayne City and greater area. Been married 30 years come June, 2010 to Lisa Carder ('78 DJ Grad)--Lisa is the CEO of Hearth and Home Assisted Living in VW--my son Derek is 27 and the senior pastor at the Ohio City United Methodist Church; my second son Chris is 26 and in construction in Decatur, Ind.; my third child Courtney is 25 and a radiologist at St. V's in Toledo; all three are married (I now have four grandchildren); my youngest child Morgan is a student at Brown Macke College in Findlay. I am truly blessed! Go Jays!

Jennifer (Altman) Calvelage
Girard PA
Hi to all! Still married to Brian (30 years, OMG!) I have been blessed with three beautiful children, Jessica, Amber and Isaac, all grown and out of the house. Working as a Chiropractic Assistant and love helping patients feel better. I am an loud 'Steeler Fan' and enjoy gardening, the beaches of Lake Erie and drinking beer, not always in that order. :)

Mike Zalar
Oregon OH
Surfing the Internet, I was surprised to find the DSJ Alumni Website. It's great to provide a place for alumni to post information, and of course I see Chuck and Dan have beat me to the punch with theirs! I live in Oregon, OH near Maumee Bay with my wife, Donna, and our children. I have worked in Oregon City Schools for the past 7 years and am in my 2nd year as Superintendent. One of my biggest career accomplishments was completing my Ph.D. in 2005, however my greatest accomplishment has been raising 5 kids and watching them grow into amazing adults. Alexander, 23 will graduate from Miami University in Dec 2009 as a secondary Math Teacher and Math Major. He returns soon from 4 months in Germany completing his student teaching. Noelle, 22 graduated from the University of Toledo in May 2009 and is serving in the Peace Corp since Aug. She is posted in Kazakhstan for the next 2 years, teaching English. Paul, 19 is a freshman at Shawnee State University. He is on the baseball team and studying Biology. Elana, 17 is a senior at Clay High School. She has been a cheerleader and most recently captain of the girl's Tennis Team (takes after someone??). College is still undecided. Teddy, 14 is an 8th grader and active in Boy Scouts and Tae Kwon Do. My wife, Donna is the Technology Coordinator for the Lake Local School District.
"You can't hide that Blue Jay Pride!" 

Holly Bloom
Delphos OH
[email protected]

I am working at TMD in Delphos.
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