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St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway
St. John's Athletic Social - Blue Jay Giveaway  August 10, 2024 from 6p-11p located in the All Saints Gymnasium. Get your tickets TODAY from the Ministry Center, an Athletic Booster Board Member, Athletic Endowment Trustees, or use this venmo link A night at the Horse Races with games of chance, food trucks, and fellowship! 
Delphos St John

Class of 1983

1983 Class Directory

Frank Leuschner
I was an exchange Student, staying with Leonard & Betty Rose at 912 Metbliss Ave. When I came back to Germany in 1983, I met Ulrike. In 1996 we got married. We have two little boys, named Keanu (6) and Jamie (3). They keep us real busy.
Since 1986 I am a policeman. Since 2000 I work in my hometown.
Triathlon is my favorite sport, I finished already two ironmen.

Jennifer Heitmeyer
Columbus OH to collapse my life in this box:
  • I've been back in OH since '99 after several states and a couple of countries - and it's great to be home!
  • I'm the proud mother of 1 - Freddie (but he's a boy - I know, it's spelled like a girl's name...), a 7 year old liver colored German Shorthaired Pointer. I think my
  • mother has finally come to terms w/the fact that the only grandchildren she has a chance in hell of having are going to have 4 legs and cold noses...
  • Work is, interesting. I'm the Manager of Operations Training for Victoria's Secret. We'll just leave it at that…

Linda (Bergfeld) Southwick 
Ventura CA 
I graduated from the University of Dayton in 1987 and moved to California in 1989. I spent 20 years in the software/technology industry, but have spent the last 4 years teaching high school math! I received my Master of Arts in Education in 2004 and love my new career.

Mary Ann (Stemen) Swartz 
Fort Jennings OH 
[email protected]

Married to Nathan Swartz since 1985. Two children, Luke is 20 and Lynzie is 17. I have my own business. I am looking forward to planning our class 25th anniversary soon!

Quint Haunhorst 
Mililani HI 
I've been living in Hawaii since 1999, The Air Force sent me here and I enjoyed it so much I stayed after I retired. I now work as a government contractor doing the same type of work as a civilian (managing a training program) that I did while in the military. I'm married with two boys; my wife is still in the AF. Other than the mandatory activities like work and school, we like to spend our time taking advantage of all the fun things this island has to offer like surfing, hiking and diving. There are a lot of times I miss Delphos and would love to see my kids go to St Johns but for now we’ll just be hanging out here on this rock.
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